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    Давление 98 на 62 голова болит тошнит
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    ### ####################### ########################## ############################# ####### ######## ###### ######## ###### ###### ######### _____ _ _ ___ ####### ######## ####### | | | | ######## ######## #### | |——| |——— ######## ######## ##### | | | |___ ### ######### #### ########## ##### ### ## ## ## ## ### ### ## ### ™ ###################### ## ## ## ## ### ## ## ## #### ## ##### ##################### ### ### ## ## ### ### ### ######## ######## ########## ## # #### ######## ########## ### ######## ########### ## ######### ########## ########### ########## ########## ######### ########## ######### ########## ########## ########### ########### ############ ########### ############## ########## ################ ########## #################################### ################################### ################################# ############## ########## For the Playstation2™ console ########## ####### ###### #### ### # The Bouncer FAQ/Walkthrough written by AdrenalineSL E-mail: FAQ Version 0.8 ============================================================================= All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and in part in any form. Playstation 2 and Playstation 2 logos are registered trademarks of Sony, Inc. The Bouncer is registered trademark of Squaresoft and Dream Factory. For more information, please read Legal Stuff. And webmasters please read Contact Information, or the little section a little further below, for information on my policies when posting my FAQ on your sites. Note- This FAQ is based on the US version of the game. Although, there may not be any significant differences, I just thought I should let you know in case there were. Guide info: Created on April 25, 2001 Released on April 28, 2001 Last updated on July 4, 2001 Next Update: No idea VERSION HISTORY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New to this version is: Just some new character stats. The character section is now open! Version 0.8 July 4, 2001 Sorry, I didn't get to add any more of the walkthrough. The only update is the new Character section. I'm getting tired of this game. Actually, I've been tired of this game. Bleah. Version 0.72 May 1, 2001 Mayday. Don't know what that means, but my friends have been saying that to me. Anyhoo, I moved and excised most of the e-mail rules that have dominated the beginning of the FAQ in the last version. All is happy now, I hope. In this update, I worked more of the walkthrough, but still not done sadly. I also added 2 new sections. Check it out in the Miscellaneous section. Anyway, it's not a massive update, so it doesn't need a massive update report. Ciao. Version 0.6 April 27, 2001 Initial release of the FAQ. There may be many spelling and grammatical errors that I will clean up in later versions. Of course, I will also add more sections if necessary, or for stupid fun. =D Everything still needs work, that is, everything but the complete sections which are basically the intro. and game basics. Will update it some more tomorrow! Version 0.5 April 26, 2001 I have been working a lot on this and still not done, or good enough to send in. I still have the walkthrough to take care of. So far I have the Game Basics done and the Mini-Review is also done (I already beat the game, FYI). The walkthrough is in slow progress, but it should be out by this weekend. Ok that about covers this update. Cya. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- c o n t e n t s -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 00. Introduction • About This FAQ • About The Game 01. Game Basics • Basic Controls • Controls During Battle • Screen Layout • Story Mode • Bouncer Points • Other GamePlay Features • Free-Roam Play • Versus & Survival Mode 02. Characters 03. Walkthrough 04. Miscellaneous • Secrets • Load Time Dialogue 05. Mini-Review 06. Contact Information • To Webmasters 07. Legal Stuff 08. Outro • Acknowledgements • Final Words = Indicates that section is still under construction. _____________________________________________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\\ 00. Introduction \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Hi, and welcome to my full-walkthrough. If you know me (which you probably don't), I'm back and trying to write a comprehensive guide for the most overrated Squaresoft PS2 release: The Bouncer. I said overrated because it is actually the best way to describe this game. Although, not great and it lacks a few usual "Square" elements, it's not bad for a first Square title on the PS2. Let's give them some credit, eh? Anyhoo, I'm aiming to make this guide the best Bouncer guide available on the net. Although, I am the sole creator of this FAQ, I am not perfect. Therefore, I encourage others to help me make what I hope to be the best FAQ available (although, it probably won't be for a long shot). If I make a mistake, or say something to confuse you, don't hesitate to drop me a line and correct me. I won't get mad at you for it. I'm pretty sure you're sick of my prelude now, so why don't you just anchor down to the walkthrough. -+||||About this FAQ||||+- This guide is no different from other guides, as I am here to provide you with a comprehensive resource for the the most anticipated Squaresoft release on the Playstation 2: The Bouncer. In this guide, you will find a fully detailed walkthrough and additional in-depth information on other aspects of the game. Each event written in this guide does contain story spoilers. So if you don't want to know, don't read more than you need to! As with all other guides, the intent is to act as a reference for when you get stuck, or you just want to pick up items you've missed on a second playthrough. Needless to say, I'd have to remind you of one more thing before we move onto the rest of the guide: There will be tons and tons of story spoilers. Please read at your own risk! I did not do this intentionally, but this proves that humans are fallible and of course, I am only human. Reading spoilers against your will result in severe depression, a loss of excitement from this awesome game, and brain damage. I shall not be held responsible. This game is not difficult at all. So I recommend that you use this FAQ only as a last resort for when you're totally stuck, or you just want some entertainment. I'm sure you will find the game much funner that way, instead of my holding your wussy hand throughout the game. :) -+||||About the Game||||+- The Bouncer. Square's first title to grace rhe wonderful Playstation 2. But a disappointment to those loyal to the RPGs by Squaresoft. This game, unfortunatly, is not another great RPG hit, but an attempt at a Beat 'Em Up game brought to you by Squaresoft and Dream Factory. Squaresoft fans may protest loudly and clamor for Final Fantasy X, but I say, "Patience is a Virtue." The hype that had boosted this game to its greatness was prodigious, and everyone was expecting another great title by the boys from Square. The graphics are impressive, but this game is what I call, "All look 'n no show." The Bouncer's storyline focuses on Sion Barzahd, a young bouncer at a bar called FATE. A bouncer is comparable to a promoter at a bar and their job is to welcome and kick people out of bars just in case you didn't know. Sion's features resembles those of Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. Perhaps Square is just borrowing character designs from their older games until they come up with new ones. Uh, anyway, Sion had closed off his heart after his girlfriend died in some freak accident a year or two ago. He constantly shows his rear to the world with a cynical attitude. Although, he can be despondant, Sion would help those in need. On a regular day, while Sion was doing his daily routines, he runs across a girl, Dominique, and upon meeting this strange girl, Sion's life has been turned upside down. Unfortunately, this encounter with Dominique turned out to be a nightmare, as Dominique gets kidnapped by a bunch of gaudy dressed henchmen. Sounds like a typical working day to me! _____________________________________________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\\ 01. Game Basics \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ NOTE- The Bouncer does not support the old PSX controllers. It only supports Dualshock 2 analog controller. Otherwise, you will not be able to play it. =P -+||||What's it like?||||+- The main concept of the Bouncer is to just battle and maybe wander about the area. Although, this is a Beat' em up game, it lacks a lot of game play elements. There are no items whatsoever. No curative items to aid you during battle; no nothing. There is pratically no free exploration. So the basic concepts of the game are simple and limited. The controls are easy to under- stand. And spawning from this game is a new feature where the player is able to choose a character he would like to use for the upcoming battle or event. And by choosing that character, the player gets to get a glimpse of that oharacter's past. And the player also gets to watch the movie sequences from the chosen character's point of view. So by playing the game with variations, it may be fun in a way. Have fun. -+||||Language Settings||||+- If you'd prefer the Japanese voice overs over that horrid English voice act- ing. Select Options on the title screen. Then go to Language Settings. For the subtitles, select English. Then for the dialogue, select Japanese (or English, if you like). Finally, the menus should be worded in English. Unless you can read and understand Japanese, you can do whatever you want. :) Things to get you started... -+||||Basic Controls||||+- _____ ______ | L1,2| | R1,2 | ------- -------- / _ \____________/ \ | _| |_ ___ ___ /\ _ | | |_ _| |sel| |str| [] (_)| | |_| __ __ __ >< | | / \ | | / \ | \ | AL |----| AR | / \ / \__/ \__/ \ / \___/ \___/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- | Button: Action: | | | | Left Analog Stick......................Move Character | | Right Analog Stick.....................Not used | | Triangle Button........................High attacks (in battle) | | Cross Button...........................Mid attacks (in battle) | | Square Button..........................Low attacks (in battle) | | Circle Button..........................Jump attacks/Cancel (in menu) | | L1 Button..............................Activate extra skills | | L2 Button..............................Not used | | R1 Button..............................Guard enemy attacks/Block | | R2 Button..............................Signal/Trigger Trinity Rush | | Start Button...........................Open Pause Menu | | Directional Buttons....................Move character/cursor (menu) | | | -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -+||||Controls During Battle||||+- /\ = High attacks (Weak=(h), Strong=(H)) [] = Mid attacks (Weak=(m), Strong= (M)) >< = Low attacks (Weak=(l), Strong=(L)) (_)= Jump attacks (Weak=(j), Strong=(J)) The weak/strong symbols are listed here because you will need to know them in order to perform character moves. Well, it's essential that you know what the symbols represent. The moves will be shown with those symbols. MOVEMENT NEAR ENEMIES During battle, the chosen character can move towards or away from the enemy. Using the directional pad, your character can approach an enemy while main- taining a fixed position (facing your opponent). However, this method is slow in movement. While on the other hand, using the left analog stick, the character can run. Although, you can also run with the directional pad, it does not work until you move a certain distance away from the enemy. I guess it's only logical. =) One more thing: while holding the L1 button, your character can "lock-on" to the enemy, or face that direction at all times. A good method to avoid being beat up from behind. WEAK ATTACKS What's with these weak and strong attacks? Well, it works just as their meanings. Depending how how lightly you press one of the attack buttons (Tri, Squ, Cir, Cro), a weak attack will occur. However, if you press the button too fiercely, you will trigger a strong attack, which you don't want to do if you're aiming to execute a move properly. To release a frenzy of attacks, repeatedly tap the buttons _gently_. You should unleash a chain of attacks. STRONG ATTACKS The complete opposite of weak attacks (that's a no brainer). As said in the Weak attacks, if you mash the button, not only will you wear out your controller faster, but you will also trigger a strong attack. Neat huh? Hm, but I highly doubt that strong attacks worth as much as a new controller. EXTRA SKILLS I think the instruction booklet misinterpretted this. It should say Character Moves That Can Really Kick Ass. That is what this is about. While in battle mode, press the attack buttons accordingly while holding down the L1 button to activate a character's special attack (ex: Sion's Hurricane Blitz). Of course, you wouldn't just press any old button. Press them according to the correct buttons displayed on the Extra Skills screen on the Pause Menu. A character's technique is only available once you have enough BP(Bouncer pts.) to unlock it. GUARD The guarding ability is directly related to the character's defense status. Depending on how high the character's defense is, he can either guard for a very long time, or for a short period of time. As you are guarding (R1), his defense meter will deplete in quantity. Once it reaches zero, he cannot defend himself any longer. However, release the button and the defense meter will reset (or will it slowly recharge?). So a good tip by me would be to raise the character's defense as much as you can if you are submissive when it comes to battling (did I use the write word??). -+||||Screen Layout||||+- In any battle screen mode, bars and meters will appear on both the left and right hand side of the screen; upper right and left, that is. When prompted, select the character you want to use in that battle. Your character's life bar will be the top most one. For example, this is what a character life bar would look like: _____ ___________________ The length of the bar depends entirely on |Char.| | | how you beef it up. The line in the (near) | pic |——————————————————— middle is an example of the remaining |_____| Character's Name stamina he has. HP is replaces by stamina in this game. Like all games, stamina will decrease as your character recieves damage. Once his stamina reaches zero, the game will end and you will start over from the last save point. Did I really need to elaborate on this? =P Your party's life meters are not the only ones displayed on the screen. The enemies' stamina will be displayed on the upper-right hand corner, opposite of the party's. Of course, it would look different from yours, but not that much of a big change. Here's an idea of what it looks like: ______________________________ | | |Char. | Generally, enemy stamina will almost _ ———————————————————————| pic | always be larger than yours (that is, | O O O O O O O O O O O O |______| unless you are at maximum power). As you ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ can plainly see, the enemy's stamina bar is an exact replica of your own, except it has that nifty addition at the bottom. The bar with all the circles indicates the number of enemies in the opposing party. In the game, the circles would have colors. The colors insinuate how "hurt" your enemies are. Colors change from green to yellow, then yellow to red. Red being nearly dead. If dead, the color counter would disappear. As for the life bar, that is usually reserved for the leader of the pack. PAUSE MENU Press the Start button to open this window. The layout is typical; nothing fancy, as you would have had expected in a game produced by Square. Anyway, you have 5 options to choose from: Status, Title Screen, Extra Skills, Exit, and Skip. Status >> Just check your character status here. It shows the rank, life, power and defense of the selected character. As well as the special moves (locked or unlocked). Title Screen >> Allows you to return to the title screen. Yes, the title screen. I think it's convenient if you ask me. Extra Skills >> View your party's learned/mastered skills. It shows the name of the move and the buttons needed to be pressed in order to perform it. Use the directional buttons to move from character to character. Exit >> As the word implies, it exits the pause menu. What did you think it did? =P Skip >> Now, this nifty little thing skips any unwanted movies you don't want to watch. This is applicable only for that certain portion of the cut-scene. You would have to keep clicking Skip to completely skip multiple scenes. =( -+||||Story Mode||||+- Story mode is the main game mode you will need to play in order to unfold the story behind The Bouncer and acquire the awesome character techniques. Keep in mind that you will have to complete it several times to max out all your characters moves and stats. Once you've cleared the game at least once, you can play on Extra mode to continue with your updated character or game. And of course, you will need a saved file from the previous game to play. Sadly, there is not much game play in this game. It's more of a movie than a game, as the game progresses in a linear fashion. The same pattern will haunt you through the game: "Event Scene" -> "Character Selection" -> "Battle". As you complete these simple tasks, you will earn "Bouncer Points" provided you do the finishing blow. Now about character selection. Throughout the game, a separate menu will pop up before an event and you will be forced to choose the character you would like to control. There are typically three choices to your liking: Sion, Kou or Volt. Once chosen, you will go into battle, or some other event as that selected character. Each time you select the character, they will all say different things (I think there was one event where your character selection will hinder the rest of the story, not sure. Just ignore me). As I was saying if a character were to be selected before an upcoming event, that character will be the center of the upcoming scenes. So it is highly recommended that you play through the game several times to digest the whole story. There is also another nifty little thing in the game: when loading, some dialogue will be displayed that occurred years and years ago for that character. I think this introduces you to that character's past or something. SAVING/LOADING Oddly, in The Bouncer you don't have those handy save points, tents, notepads or whatever to save your game. Instead, the saving is systematic. You will be given the option to save after an important event(usually after a boss fight) or something dramatic, whatever. You will need a memory card to do this. =P -+||||Bouncer Points||||+- The BP (Bouncer Pts.) system is loosely related to Onimusha in some way. In Onimusha (I couldn't think of a better example), you must absorb souls, and at a save point you can upgrade your weapons and items. In The Bouncer, it's sort of like that too, except you get (tada!) Bouncer points. You earn BP after battles and kills. The amount of BP you get depends on the difficulty of the enemy and your rank. What do you do with all this BP you ask? Well, allot it evenly among that character's Life, Power, Defense and techniques. Each of those require a certain amount of BP to "unlock". And as you unlock them, the BP value increases, making it a little harder to get. Remember, the amount of BP goes to the one character you chose; it is not distributed evenly among the other party members. It's all for youself, you greedy little wee man. Anyway, here's a mini-version of the BP exchange menu: __________________________________________________________ | [A] --- 307 | |_| Life 300----[B] | - 0 | |_| Power Up 200 | | 307 | |_| Defense Up 300 | |———————————————————| |_| Buster Throw 400 | | _____ | |_| Techniques --- | | |Char.| Char. Name| | | | | | Pic | Rank: _---[C] | | | | |_____| | | | | | Life 97>97 | | Technique | | | ======== | | | | | Power 75>75 | | List | | | ====== | | | | | Defense 75>75 | V V | | ====== | | |___________________|______________________________________| | |Description of power ups | | O K | | |______________|______________________________________| [A] Bouncer Points The top number is the Battle Evaluation (number of BP you received during battle). The middle number is any bonus BP. The last number is the total number of BP received overall (from previous battles too). [B] Powering Up The number indicates the total number of BP you will need to power up the character. As you enhance your skills, the BP neccesary for upgrading will increase in value. The first three are Life, Power, and Defense abilities and below those are the names of the moves. [C] Bouncer Rank An evaluation of the character's overall power. Ranking system is as follows: "S"- 500BP "D"- 250BP Tip: The amount of BP you receive from "A"- 400BP "E"- 200BP battle depends on your rank and "B"- 350BP "F"- 150BP the difficulty of your enemy. In "C"- 300BP "G"- 100BP theory: the higher the better. ;) This BP point exchange system will be brought up after every battle. You can exchange BP for moves or enhanced stats, or you can choose to save up and unlock better moves like the Hurrican Blitz for Sion. After distributing your BP, select OK to exit the menu. -+||||Other GamePlay Features||||+- TRINITY RUSH The Trinity Rush is a three-person combination attack that can only be used in Story mode. Your three people are Sion, Volt, and Kou. The Trinity Rush cannot be used at just any time. The characters must be in a certain position in order to use it correctly and effectively. When the time is right, one of your characters will signal and taunt the enemy. When this happens, quickly tap the R2 button. Pressing the R2 button will immediately switch to a series of attacks enacted by all three characters. The kind of Trinity Rush depends on the character you are using for that battle. If, however, you missed the signal for the move or just pressed R2 too late, you will have to wait until he gives another signal. Once you miss it, it's too late. For an alternative, YOU can also signal for the Trinity Rush. Just press R2 and the character will do his own signal. Kind of neat, but they look painful. Glad I'm not the victim of the Trinity Rush. Sion's Trinity Rush: Signal- "Hey, come on!" ::with some hand movements:: Description: Kou pushes the guy with a deadly blow to the gut which conven- iently falls into Volt's hand. Volt grabs him by the head and head bangs him on the floor. After, Volt holds his head down while Sion kicks him in the head like the punter (???) in football. Big ouchie. Volt's Trinity Rush: Signal- "Are you ready?" ::points at enemy:: Description: Sion and Kou set up a quick kill for Volt to crush the guy's neck or something. Sion would punch him in the stomach or chest, rather; Kou will have him in an arm lock, breaking his arm. Call the perimedics! Hurry! Kou's Trinity Rush: Signal- ::a whistle:: Description: Sion and Volt both go for the enemy's head; Sion with a kick and Volt with some elbowing. This stuns the enemy allowing Kou coming in for the final blow. Breaking his neck. Ooo. That's gotta hurt. He'll be in intensive care for years to come. ^_^ -+||||Free-Roam Play||||+- Free-roam play is something I made up but it's known as Special Circumstances in the instruction booklet. Since The Bouncer mostly consists of your sitting there and watching the whole thing, there are some rare occassions where you actually get to move your character around. Wow! Under these circumstances, use the directional pad or left analog stick to move the character. Controls at this point are still bland. There is no "search" button. You virtually just run around. The only exception was in the train, but still that was automatic. You'd think Square would do a better job than this. Sure, it's all pretty and stuff, but what's a game with no game play? Oops. I think I should be saying this kind of stuff in the review section. Oh well, anyway. Usually, when "Free-Roam Play" comes into play, it generally means that this event is an important one. -+||||Versus & Survival Mode||||+- In versus mode, you can play with up to 4 players, provided you have the Multitap. The original Playstation one does not work, so you'd better go buy one. :) All the stats of the characters you diligently trained in Story Mode will be transferred to Versus Mode. So you can kick your friends' butts from here (US) all the way to China. =P BATTLE ROYAL/VERSUS BATTLE Standard fight rules. Once you die, you will remain dead; lying on the floor. Yah, ok? You can choose to fight the COM or hook it up with three other people and tackle each other. You can choose from a wardrobe (actually 3) of attire for your selected character by pressing L1, L2, R1, & R2. Although, R2 is the default wear. TEAM BATTLE You choose teams. Choose two or three other computer controlled characters. There will be a leader on each team. The point here is to defeat the other party's leader. The loser will die while the winners will prosper. =D Only 2 players can participate in this lovely event. SURVIVAL MODE An all out mode, where the character will participate in a series of endless Battles. Your stamina will not be reset and you will not be able to save. If you die, it's game over and your overall score will be evaluated. _____________________________________________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\\ 02. Characters \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ WARNING!!! There are spoilers lurking within this section. If you don't want to know about these characters or whatever, you'd better hurry and scroll down or look back (Ah! It's the boogie-man!). Seriously, if you don't want your so-called game spoiled, don't read it, don't peek, don't complain once you know what happens. You have been forewarned. MOVE LIST LEGEND /\ = High attacks (Weak=(h), Strong=(H)) [] = Mid attacks (Weak=(m), Strong= (M)) >< = Low attacks (Weak=(l), Strong=(L)) (_)= Jump attacks (Weak=(j), Strong=(J)) ES = Extra Skill A = Analog stick (in any direction) Sion BARZAHD Age: 19 Height: 5'9" Fighting Style: A personalized style of both kenpo and street fighting. Sion is a bouncer at a bar (yes, even if he's 19) called FATE, which happens to be conveniently situated on DogStreet. He has been a bouncer at that bar for almost two years now. Two years ago, the tables were turned on him, when his girlfriend died in a tragic accident at Mikado. At first, Sion wanted nothing to do with life; he just wanted to get away from it all, from life. Then, he got to the point where his life came crashing down on him, where he resulted to suicide, asking anyone around him to pull the trigger on him. One faithful day, while Sion was doing his customary pleas for dying, a young man guides him to the FATE bar, where he says, there is a man that can do the job (kill him, that is). Sion enters the bar, scaring off the customers, and sure enough, with all the commotion he's causing, the current bouncer appears on the scene. They fight and Sion loses, but not doesn't give up until he dies. Little did Sion know, he was being watched by the bar's boss and was given a job at the bar on account of his fighting skills. ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------- BASIC MOVES COMMANDS - MOVE EXTRA SKILLS COMMANDS ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------- (h),(h),(h) Buster Throw ES + (h) (h), (H) BP needed: 400 (H) Torpedo Kick ES + (m) (m),(M),(M) BP needed: 600 (M),(m) Ground Sweep ES + (l),(l),(l),(l),(l),(l) (l),(L) BP needed: 1000 (L) Floating Mine ES + (j) (j),(J) BP needed: 1200 (J) Tornado Uppercut ES + (h) + (j) A + (j) BP needed: 1600 A + (m) Double Knuckle ES + (m) + (l) A + (l) BP needed: 2000 A + (j),(j) Hurricane Blitz ES + (l) + (j) BP needed: 2800 BOUNCER POINTS STATS Life: 80 (MAX- 205) Power: 55 (MAX- 200) Defense: 55 (MAX-195) This chart shows how Sion's Life, Power and Defense grows as you "feed" it the BP needed. + --------------------------------------------------------------- + | Life | 97 | 115 | 133 | 151 | 169 | 187 | 205 | |_________|-------------------------------------------------------| | Power | 75 | 96 | 117 | 137 | 158 | 179 | 200 | |_________|-------------------------------------------------------| | Defense | 75 | 95 | 115 | 135 | 155 | 175 | 195 | |_________|-------------------------------------------------------| \_______\/_____________________________________________________/ Volt KRUEGER Age: 27 Height: 6'4" Fighting Style: A professional wrestling style The first bouncer to work at the bar, FATE. In his earlier years, he had worked for the Mikado secret agency. That explains his keen knowledge about all that goes on with the special forces and Mikado. Apparently, he had been betrayed by the turncoat, Echidna. She was also an agent working for Mikado. But because she was jealous of Volt's proficiency of the job, she plotted against him. It's not clear, but it seems that Echidna allowed Master Mikado to die, and made up the excuse that she was not strong enough to protect him. Outraged, Volt mouthed a lot of dirty words to her. Echidna was not taken aback, however, instead she ordered her troops to open fire on Volt. Running from the gunfire and wounded, Volt wound up on the shore. Luckily, a nearby bar keeper found him and cleaned his wounds. When Volt finally came around, the bar keeper offered him a job at the bar. The job position was of course, a bouncer. Volt agreed, but the bar keeper told him that his gunshot wounds would need facial piercings and corns to conceal them. Doing this will avoid any unwanted attention. ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------- BASIC MOVES COMMANDS - MOVE EXTRA SKILLS COMMANDS ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------- (h),(h),(h) Shoulder Uppercut ES + (h) (h),(H) BP needed: 960 (H) Hammer Typhoon ES + (m) (m),(M) BP needed: 1000 (M) Lift Up Slam ES + (l) (l),(L) BP needed: 1200 (L) Power Bridge ES + (j) (j) BP needed: 1500 (J) CannonBall Strike ES + (h) + (m) A + (h) BP needed: 1800 A + (m) Earth Shaker ES + (m) + (l) BP needed: 2400 Giant Swing ES + (l) + (j) BP needed: 3500 BOUNCER POINTS STATS Life: 105 (MAX- 225) Power: 70 (MAX- 205) Defense: 60 (MAX- 180) This chart shows how Volt's Life, Power and Defense grows as you "feed" him the BP needed to pump him up. + --------------------------------------------------------------- + | Life | 122 | 139 | 156 | 173 | 190 | 207 | 225 | |_________|-------------------------------------------------------| | Power | 89 | 108 | 127 | 147 | 166 | 185 | 205 | |_________|-------------------------------------------------------| | Defense | 77 | 94 | 111 | 128 | 145 | 162 | 180 | |_________|-------------------------------------------------------| \_______\/_____________________________________________________/ Kou LEIFOH Age: 25 Height: 6'0" Fighting Style: Tae Kwon Do Kou was the last bouncer to join the gang. However, he was not really some street punk who had been desperately looking for a job. He is actually an undercover agent whose mission is to watch over Dominique Cross, whom happen to assign Kou this fabulous job. Kou is to make sure Dominique doesn't fall into the hands of Mikdao. Knowing what she is, Kou will stop at nothing to prevent Mikado from using her in an unconstructive way. As a child, Kou had been called a prodigy by many, but Kou had no interest in his studies, or musical talents. Instead he was deeply interested in the arts og Tae Kwon Do. On his first lesson, he amazed his instructor by going hand-in-hand against him like a natural. As his skills developed, he started drift away from his studies. When his master died, he decided to abandon his family name, Hurst, and renounced his name after his master's: Leifoh. He has gone by that name ever since. ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------- BASIC MOVES COMMANDS - MOVE EXTRA SKILLS COMMANDS ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------- (h),(h),(h) Heel Smash ES + (l) (h),(H) BP needed: 320 (H),(H),(H) Circular Uppercut ES + (m) (m),(M) BP needed: 400 (M) Double Spin Kick ES + (j) (l),(L) BP needed: 550 (L) Mountain Storm ES + (h) (j) BP needed: 750 (J) Lightning Smash ES + (l) + (j) A + (l) BP needed: 1000 A + (j),(j) Tiger Spin Kick ES + (m) + (l) BP needed: 1200 Tiger Frenzy ES + (h) + (j) BP needed: 1500 Raging Tiger ES + (h) + (m) BP needed: 2500 BOUNCER POINTS STATS Life: 90 (MAX- 200) Power: 60 (MAX- 185) Defense: 70 (MAX- 210) This chart shows how Kou's Life, Power and Defense will grow as you "feed" him the BP points to rack these up. + --------------------------------------------------------------- + | Life | 105 | 121 | 137 | 152 | 168 | 184 | 200 | |_________|-------------------------------------------------------| | Power | 77 | 95 | 113 | 131 | 149 | 167 | 185 | |_________|-------------------------------------------------------| | Defense | 90 | 110 | 130 | 150 | 170 | 190 | 210 | |_________|-------------------------------------------------------| \_______\/_____________________________________________________/ _____________________________________________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\\ 03. Walkthrough \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Note- The walkthrough will generally consist of battle tactics and a summarization of the scenes before and after battles. Battles will be labeled with wherever the location of the battle site is. So if you don't want to know what happens, just skip to the next battle or event. Also, during these battle walkthroughs, I will provide strategies for each character to help the player's convenience. There will also be a "Character Branch". This means that you will get a different scene or new things when you play as different characters. If there are none, there will be nothing for it. :) Ok, let's get on with the walkthrough. Blow the dust mites off the box. Gently take out the marred disk. Pop it in your PS2 and start 'er up! Eh, maybe bang on your PS2 a bit so it could read the disk at least. Not too hard! Ohhhh, we can feel the excitement surging through our veins. =P Wait until the title screen comes up and click on Story Mode. Then select New Game. Watch the very long intro. Movie. Very cool. --------------------------- [Intro Movie] The story fades in and the news caster comes on with info. on the new Mikado production: a solar-powered generator satelite. She talks seemingly on and on, while the woman in the nightgown plays wif her computer. click click The unknown woman suddenly realizes something and pans in on someone on her lap top's monitor. Oh my lord! It's Dominique. The camera moves to the sky filled with a starry luster. A plane flies over- head. Four unknown objects descend from the plane and break through the roof of Sion's house. As we watch them free themselves from their turgid confinements, we see a picture of Sion and Dominique posing fairly close together. We find that they are MSF Soldiers here to find Dominique for whatever reason we don't know, but they look mighty mean. In the next scene, Dominique is seen running through the streets looking at her watch as if she was late for something. She comes to a stop at what seems to be the FATE bar. Volt is outside waiting for her and Dominique teases Volt for scaring away the customers. Inside, she heads up the stairs to find a drinking Kou and a sleepyhead Sion. Dominique asks Sion when his birthday is and Sion is taken aback by her curiosity. Volt comes in shortly after only to inform Sion that it's time for his shift. Kou pipes in and mentions that this is the same day that Sion walked into this bar a year ago. Dominique takes the hint and gives Sion a chain of a sort as a one year anniversary present. Knowing what it is, Sion plays stupid and asks anyway. But not before, the mirth atmosphere is interrupted by the group of MSF soldiers breaking through the skylight. Poo. --FATE Bar-- Enemies: MSF Soldiers x5 Level Description: On the upper level of the bar, there are tables and chairs you might want to avoid, as well as a jukebox you can slam your enemies into. The stairs are located in the southeastern part, which is not hard to find. I recommend you stay at the upper levels until you've taken care of those three goons. On the lower level, there will be less room to freely walk around, but enough to take out the two MSF soldiers there. Personally, I think Kou is the best character for this fight. If you think otherwise, don't mind me. Choose whatever character you would like to use and get it on! Depending on your peer's actions, there will either be all 5 MSF soldiers on the upper level, or 3 MSF soldiers on the upper level and 2 other ones on the bottom level. Either way, just pound them one at a time like there's no tomorrow. They are generally the easiest enemies you'll encounter in the game. In this game, you should depend heavily on your allies which are Sion, Volt, and Kou. As I was saying, take them out one at a time, or gang up on one to finish them off faster, but remember to deliver the finishing blow. Tip- If you find yourself surrounded by all 5 MSF soldiers, don't feel stupid about going down below to the lower level. One or two of them should follow you. Once they're down there, quickly run back up the stairs to support your allies. :) And also, if you find this to be a difficult task to take, you can get knocked out and still move on with the story. But that only applies for this area. INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Sion's speed is at your advantage here, so it'll be easier if you used him. Weak and Strong attacks of the High attack (Tri.) since it usually triggers combos. The alternate jump attack also works well against them. Hold L1 and press Jump attack (Cir.). Volt: Volt is the slow brute here, and he may die the easiest of the three. So be careful when using Volt. His head butt attack works generally well. Any kind of Mid or High attacks are exceptional. If surrounded by enemies, use his almighty strong jump attack to knock 'em all out at once. Low attacks are also good if needed. Kou: Kou is the best character as I said earlier to use in almost every fight or event. His attacks are flexible and have more style than the rest. ^_^ Um, anyhow, his strong jump attacks work wonders. So keep that in mind for future reference. CHARACTER BRANCHES Kou: If you've chosen Kou as a controllable character for this particular fight, you'll be able to listen to his phone conversation in the scene after Dominique gets kidnapped. [Scene: After the battle] While everyone has their hands pre-occupied with henchmen, Dominique is on the upper level vulnerable to any attacks. And how unfortunate of her to have the leader of the MSF group to be up there with her. Volt and Kou are trying to get past his groupies, but to no avail. Their efforts were fruitless as they get thrown to the lower level. Sion, realizing that Dominique is in danger, kicks the soldier hard enough to send him flying into the wall. As he runs up the stairs, he is greeted by yet another soldier waiting to plant his bloody fists in Sion's face. Sion's efforts, too, were fruitless. The bouncers watch helplessly as Dominique gets kidnapped by the MSF soldier. Before Sion can reach him he jumps out the window with Dominique in his hands. Shortly after, some 60s music play in the background and we watch as Sion is the first to talk again after the ordeal. "Who were those guys?" he asks. Volt seemed to know the answer and tells his posse that they were special soldiers from Mikado. Upon hearing this, Sion suggests that they go to Mikado and save Dominique. However, Kou apparently has "connections" to get to the Mikado building, as it is tightly guarded. Sion and Volt watch as Kou tries to squeeze information out of whoever he's talking to and did it in succession. There seems to be a special train leaving the station in a half- an-hour. Uh-oh. Better hurry! The three make their way to the station to hitch a ride, and on the way they are greeted by four or five MSF soldiers. Sheesh, persistant aren't they? --Central Square-- Enemies: MSF Soldiers x5 Level Description: It's an open area with a lot of room to maneuver around so space is not a factor here. It closely represents an old-people park where there are trees planted on the right and benches for resting. To the right and left of the store are staircases which lead to an upper level where you will find a water fountain to toss a penny in. Sion seems to be the best bet for this fight, but whoever you choose is up to you. If you have not yet noticed, these dudes are exact same replicas of the previously encountered MSF Soldiers. So you should know them by now. Get acquainted with them and make them eat dirt! Using the same moves won't hurt you, but it's nice to experiment a little with button variations as the going is about to get rough. Jump attacks work exceptionally well here, as you have a lot of room for your agile self. INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Sion's speed is at your advantage here, so it'll be easier if you used him. Weak and Strong attacks of the High attack (Tri.) since it usually triggers combos. The alternate jump attack also works well against them. Hold L1 and press Jump attack (Cir.). Volt: Volt is the slow brute here, and he may die the easiest of the three. So be careful when using Volt. His head butt attack works generally well. Any kind of Mid or High attacks are exceptional. If surrounded by enemies, use his almighty strong jump attack to knock 'em all out at once. Low attacks are also good if needed. Kou: Kou is the best character as I said earlier to use in almost every fight or event. His attacks are flexible and have more style than the rest. ^_^ Um, anyhow, his strong jump attacks work wonders. So keep that in mind for future reference. Since it's the same enemies, might as well plug in the same strategy eh? CHARACTER BRANCHES All characters say different things if that counts. ^_^ Sion mentions the amount of wasted time of those dupes, Kou displays a disdained expression, and good ol' Volt seems to be through with them. [Scene: After the battle] Whoever you chose as the character in the previous battle will notice a black panther watching them from afar, which is very peculiar. The panther will catch Sion's attention. Volt asks the most stupid question: if he recognizes the black panther. Sion, with some brain noggins, will answer no. Kou will impatiently remind them that they haven't the time for chatter and that there's a train to catch. They'd better hurry. The three bouncers continue their little trek to the train station. Sion and the others come to a stop and peek around the corner only to find the entrance heavily guarded. Rent-a-cops as Sion calls them. They decide to break through despite all the noise they are going to make. Upon seeing them emerge from the corner, the guard stops them and questions their motives. Like they'll listen to a couple of street punks anyway! --Central Square-- Continue... Enemies: Security Guard x3 Level Description: It's a pretty small box area. So space is limited, unfort- unately. However, you should be grateful that Square gave you enough room to get the job done. Such a small place is a good way to corner guards and drive them up the wall. Once they are helpless, kick 'em around and play hackysack. Three on three is a pretty fair fight if you ask me. These guys are tougher than the previously fought MSF Soldiers, as they tend to kick you a lot. To retaliate that, run around behind them and do a roundhouse kick (Jump). Those seem to work better than any other attack. Weak high attacks are effective as well. Just be sure to use combos to finish them off quicker. Low attacks also work amazing things. By now, you should have a new move for at least one of your characters. If not, then keep at it! INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Sion is pretty much the balanced character here. Just remember not to use his alternate jump attack, as the guards tend to counter well with a foot in the stomach. Weak high attacks and maybe mid attacks are good bets here. Volt: Volt's jump attack where he air body slams his enemies is effective here as it can hurt two or three of them at time. Keep head butting 'em and kicking 'em. Since Volt is slow, smaller areas are an advantage to him. So make good use of this one. Kou: Just do basically whatever you can to keep from getting hurt too much. His jump double kick thing is pretty good to take out two, or even better, all of them at the same time. It should be easy to get bonus BP with him in this area. [Scene: After the battle] Sion, Kou, and Volt all hop the turnstiles to the station. Once "inside" the station, they will observe the place. Meanwhile, two lowly guards notices them and heads in their direction. Kou locates the train as they watch workers load the train with its cargo. Little did they know that there are 5 security guards coming their way. As they close in on them, our fellow bouncers go back to back and stand in their fighter stance, ready for action. But not until, they converse a little; Volt questions about the train. It seems the train will be leaving soon, so they'd better hurry up and kick the goons out of the way. --Train Station-- Enemies: Security Guards x5 Level Description: In this area, you will be fighting near the train which can easily be seen towards the top of the screen. There is a bordered fence to the left and restrictions to the right. Again, space is limited and what's more is that there will be pillars standing in your way. But don't mind them too much. Kou is the best character to use here. His jump attack can be devastating if used at the right time. Anyway, avoid getting ganged up on by two or more of these guys and you should be fine on your own. Attacks with multiple hits are essential here, since there is a time limit on the battle. If you recall, you have to catch the train! INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Use his Jump attack frequently to get the most out of the given time. To save time, go to the most crowded battle and perform the jump attack to wipe 'em out. If you do this throughout the battle, you may have some spare time left to loaf around. Volt: Same strategy as Sion, except since Volt is slower, he will need to move fast and kill them off quickly. Kou: Same straegy as Sion and Volt. [Scene: After the battle] Whichever character you chose will realize the you guys are about to miss the train. Upon knowing this, they will all hop on accordingly with no trouble at all. Watch them as they take off towards the tunnel. The train speeds through the quiet night at how many miles per hour, god only knows. Kou informs us that aboard the trains is a rocket fuel for the Mikado satelite that seems to be the talk of the town. Sion changes the subject and wonders if it could be possible that Dominique may be on the train. Volt discourages him by saying Special Forces had kidnapped her, and when that is so, they should be at Mikado by now. Again, Kou notices that Volt is well- informed about Mikado relations. But before Volt can answer, an alarm is sounded throughout the train, alerting all guards to eliminate the intruders in the last car meaning Sion, Kou, and Votl are dead meat if they don't hide. At this point, we are introduced to the lovely Echidna. She orders the guards to give an appropriate welcome to the trespassers. Outside, Kou complains about the cold weather. But before finding a way to get inside the train, they hear heavy footsteps on the deck. Here comes to calvary. Better perk up, Kou. --MSD Cargo Train-- Enemies: Security Guard x6 Level Description: You're going to be fighting on the roof of a fast-moving train. Have you ever thought of how precious your life is? Anyway, there are no obstacles on the carriage cars, so there's nothing to worry about. You'll fight 3 security guards on each car, so there will be a total of two fights following each other. This is fairly easy. The guards seem to die faster with this cold weather. :) Since the area is small enough to take out all the enemies at once, do so to make things go about quicker. Line them up and pummel them to oblivion. Fortunately there is no time limit to weigh you down. You can take as long as you want to get the job done. Don't worry about getting knocked off the train. Toss them around a little. Just don't let it happen the other way around. :) After both consecutive battles, you can save. INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Those combos you can pull off with Sion can be a great help. The ones where Sion knocks 'em into the air and then you can pull off a combo or two. Things should go your way with that. Volt: Naturally, his lethargic movements are no problems this time. Corner a guard and head-butt him to death if you may. :) Kou: Same strategy as Sion, except replace Sion's name with Kou. :) [Scene: Encounter with Echidna] Folllowing the battles, Echidna will be on the other carriage car blackmailing you with a "better pay up or else!" attitude, which Sion immediately takes a disliking to. Just before Sion gets a little rowdy, Volt makes Sion step aside and says a howdy-doo to Echidna. Strangely enough, Echidna seems shocked to see Volt; as if they had some past connection. Sure enough they do, as Echidna mumbles to herself about how Volt should have been dead. Echidna shakes the thought and decides to finish him off once and for all. ########### ## Echidna ## ########### Enemies: Security Guard x2 Surroundings: The same rectangular shaped carriage car roof you have fought on in previous fights. Need I say more? No, Echidna is not the name of the location, it's a boss fight! Anyway, she is fairly easy here. She acts like a monkey most of the time; she hops a around and does all around low attacks. She can be a human typhoon if you're not carfule, meaning she can knock all your characters down. Just go for low attacks yourself. Make sure she doesn't have a chance to recover from any of your blows. A good thing to remember is to get rid of her two lap dogs (the security guards). That should make life a lot easier for you and me. :) INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Sion is your best bet against Echidna. His sweep (Low) attacks are all you need to win this fight. Mid and High attacks are more than enough for those guards to handle. If you diligently focused all your training on Sion, you should have gotten him Torpedo Kick. It should help a bunch. Volt: Volt is at a disadvantage here. In this case, he is Echidna's main target because if you recall, she wants him dead. So expect her to be more fierce with Volt. However, you may experience problems, but his low attacks work wonders against the mad woman. His jump attacks also work when she isn't moving around too much. Make her eat some Shoulder Uppercut. Kou: Kou is a good character to work with here. High attacks won't work well against Echidna, but it does with the guards. Just have him perform his low attacks while you watch your other characters get pummeled. Pummel her with Heel Smash. [Scene: Echidna's Defeat] After the battle, you'll find Echidna on her butt, while Sion interrogates her with one question: "Where is Dominique?" Echidna completely ignores the question and tells the party that she isn't done with them and the next time they meet, expect to feel her wrath. After threatening the party some, she jumps off the train and into the sea below. Woo! She's got suave. :) Shortly afterwards, Kou will attempt to disclose Volt's past with that demon chick, Echidna; but is interrupted by what seems to be Kou's "back-up". A fighter plane flies in line with the train, then speeds on ahead. Thinking it is far enough, it lands several hundred yards in front of the train and starts speeding toward it; head-to-head and firing its weapons. The damage disabled the brakes. Uh-oh, tough break. :) To make things worse, the train is about to arrive at the station. Kou reminds everyone that the train is carrying rocket fuel which can blow everyone sky high if they don't detach it quick. Volt suggests detaching the carriage using a keycard. At the same time the plane won't stop shooting, which makes the risk of the rocket fuel going off much higher. Their last resort is to search for the key in the current car since they cannot go into any other ones. --MSD Cargo Train—Continue... Enemies: None Level Description: You're inside the cargo area. What part of that don't you understand? Oh my, oh my! This is one of those rare moments where you actually get to maneuver your character around! Wow! Ok, you have a time limit here although, it doesn't show up on the screen. After a certain amount of time, the story will continue whether you have the card key or not. So scramble to your feet and start ransacking the whole cargo. There are no buttons to press, but just run around and if you are near something that can be opened (a box), the character will automatically know when to open it. There are 3 boxes lying around somewhere. The _third_ box you open will always contain the card key, no matter what order you open them in. However, if you have run out of time, the outcome would differ from if you did find the card key... GAME BRANCH If you've found the card key: The train will crash headlong into the station and chip off a whole section of it. Yeesh. The bouncers will try to wriggle their way out of the mess and glad that no bystanders noticed them. They will escape through the stairs. If you did not find the card key: The train will ram into the station, anyway with the bouncers ducking out in time to avoid death. The repercussions are pretty much the same as when you did find the card key, except the only thing that's different is that sea water will start gushing in through the cracks and stuff. Your actions in this event shape the outcome of upcoming events. [Scene: Escape] Kou will be so glad that they somehow survived this collision in one piece. However, depending if you got the card key or not, Volt will point out that there is sea water rushing into the station. We'd better move before we drown, he says. So the three-some run up the stairs ahead and into another area. The bouncers seem to be running through an endless corridor. Now the time comes to decide whether you play the very easy way, or the easy way. --Emergency Exit-- (with card key) Enemies: Security Guards x5, Security Chiefs x4 Level Description: The level here is repetitive and is not difficult to clear if you just follow the road. You will be going through countless corridors, and on the either the second or third juncture, there will be cargo boxes as "obstacles" to slow you down (if they even consider that obstacles). Anyway, throughout your trek to the finish line, you will encounter several battles, all of which take place at junctures or hallways. Thus, making it easier to rack up those bonus bouncer points. Whoop. You control your characters here, so don't expect the game to take over. Your goal is to reach the emergency exit, which is at the very end of this maze. Yep, that's it. To add friction to your objective, you will engage in battle with 2 Security guards and 1 chief. Immediately following the initiation of the battle, two more butt-buddies will join the party. By now, defeating the Security guards should become second-natured to you, but the chiefs can be a bit tougher. Just remember to stick it to them with high, mid and jump attacks. Vary your attacks a bit. Afterwards, continue running on the path you are on. In the next area, you will immediately encounter another 2 guards and 1 chief. Dispose of them and continue to the next area. Now, the area is different here. There are cargo boxes scattered around. Plus, the fact that you will do battle here with 2 guards and chiefs. If you want to save the trouble of battling with the boxes, run down to the end juncture and fight them there instead. After the battle, return to the path and direction you were initially facing and be on your way. At the end of the hallway should be the emergency exit. INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Being the balanced character that he is, it's easy to pluck up the strength and knock 'em all down with one quick sweep. Strong attacks of the jump attack should be swell for all characters. Try to experiment with those multi-hit combos of the mid and high attacks, as they seem to do good things. Volt: Strong attacks of the jump attack should be swell for all characters. For Volt, however, his normal jump attack does the most devastating wave of attacks. Try to experiment with those multi-hit combos of the mid and high attacks, as they seem to do good things. Kou: Strong attacks of the jump attack should be swell for all characters. Try to experiment with those multi-hit combos of the mid and high attacks, as they seem to do good things. --Emergency Exit-- (w/out card key) Enemies: Security Guards x5, Security Chiefs x4 Level Description: The level here is repetitive and is not difficult to clear if you just follow the road. This level is an exact replica of the parallel one (with the card key), except the only difference is that the emergency shutters will be activated. Meaning, you must get past them before you learn to become a fish. :) You will be going through countless corridors and on the either the second or third juncture, there will be cargo boxes as "obstacles" to slow you down (if they even consider that obstacles). Anyway, throughout your trek to the finish line, you will encounter several battles, all of which take place at junctures or hallways. Thus, making it easier to rack up those bonus bouncer points. Whoop. Like I said, the level is the same as the level with the card key, except you would have to do extra work by running for your life before you drown. Was that simple enough for you to digest? Anyhoo, the object here is to battle, run, look, battle. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. At the start of the event, hold down your left analog stick for flexible maneuverbility. Bring your character all the way until you reach a battle screen or whatever. In the first hallway, you will engage in battle with 2 Security guards and 1 chief. Immediately following the initiation of the battle, two more butt-buddies will join the party. By now, defeating the Security guards should become second-natured to you, but the chiefs can be a bit tougher. Just remember to stick it to them with high, mid and jump attacks. Vary your attacks a bit. After that, you will have another segment of avoiding the shutting doors. This pattern will repeat until you reach the exit. When you reach the second or third loading screen, the surroundings would be a tad different. Now there are cargo boxes in your way. Weave around them as you catch sight of their position. This isn't difficult, so I trust you know what to do here. At the end, you should reach the emergency exit. INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Being the balanced character that he is, it's easy to pluck up the strength and knock 'em all down with one quick sweep. Strong attacks of the jump attack should be swell for all characters. Try to experiment with those multi-hit combos of the mid and high attacks, as they seem to do good things. Volt: Strong attacks of the jump attack should be swell for all characters. For Volt, however, his normal jump attack does the most devastating wave of attacks. Try to experiment with those multi-hit combos of the mid and high attacks, as they seem to do good things. Kou: Strong attacks of the jump attack should be swell for all characters. Try to experiment with those multi-hit combos of the mid and high attacks, as they seem to do good things. [Scene: Hit the road, Sion] At the end, Sion and the gang will come to a big, metal-latched door that can only be opened by the press of a button. Sion wonders if it leads outside; doing so can only tell. Kou presses the button, and outside, they go. The gang ends up on a balcony hanging outside the Mikado building. They duck for cover as a hovercraft patrols the area. Soon, Sion realizes the area is swarming with those Air-Carries, as they call them. It seems as though they are looking for the intruders. Kou stresses at the sight of them and whines in his usual manner. While they quibble over their next actions, Sion decides that they should "hitch" a ride. Sion explains that when one of the Air-Carriers passes by, they will jump on it and raise hell. Sure enough, one stupid Air-Carrier pilots their way under the balcony, in which the bouncers jump at the chance to hitch their ride. The soldiers on the Air-Carrier seem surprised to see them and attack them right away... --Air-Carrier-- Enemies: Air-Carrier Soldiers x3 Level Description: Like most levels, the space is small and limited. Though, you are on a moving hovercraft, you needn't worry about falling off since it is absolutely impossible. All the better to rank up those bouncer points eh? On your unexpected entrance, the 3 soldiers will immediately do battle with you. Is that an appropriate welcome for guests? The soldiers are better variations of the Security Chiefs, whom prove to be quite the challenge. A good thing to beat them down is corner them against the railing of the craft and pummel them to death. This does not prove to be a difficult task at all. If worst comes to worst, wildly mash your attack buttons and I'm sure some- thing good can come out of it. INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Just whack 'em dead with variations of the jump attacks and deadly combos would sure do some good to discipline them. Volt: Make them feel your wrath with the weak version of the jump attack, which is when Volt does a full-body slam on the enemy(s). His strong high attacks are also good to use against them. Kou: Just whack 'em dead with variations of the jump attacks and deadly combos would sure do some good to discipline them. [Scene: After the battle] Following the victory, Volt will go up to the secluded soldier in the pilot's seat and order him to keep the thing flying. Frightened by Volt's countenance, the soldier obediently does as he says and keeps 'er in the air. Soon, they are making progress towards the top of the Mikado building. As they fly overhead, Sion catches a glimpse of Dominique being held captive in a dome in the center of a massive forest (at the top of the Mikado building). Sion informs everyone that they should land there, and Kou goes off to tell the pilot to land there. Little did he know that the pilot had other plans in mind. Parachute and all, the pilot jumps from the Air-Carrier and Kou watches in a mortified facial expression (it's funny). With a disgruntled manner, Volt takes the place as the new pilot and tries to display his proficient pilot skills and crashes head-long into the forest below with a deafening explosion. The gang leaves the wrecked plane unscathed, thank god. But not before Kou jumps at the chance of complaining: "If I had nine lives, even that wouldn't be enough for this mission!" They peer into the distance and find the dome dead ahead. As they make their way to the dome building, Sion catches sight of half a dozen dogs whom all have the ability to rip any trespassers into shreads. Upon seeing their glistening, sharp teeth, Sion and the gang duck quickly out of the way into nearby bushes to avoid getting caught. The group discuss how abnormal these dogs are, and they think up a plan to get past them. But as Sion, starts to side-step, he clumsily rustles the leaves and averts all eyes on them. How stupid! The metal device on the back of the dogs start to emit a strange radiating glow and the next thing you know, several MSF Soldiers are on their way to the intrusion site Tarzan style. --Mikado Building Rooftop-- Enemies: MSF Soldiers x3, Watch Dogs x2 Level Description: All is quiet and dark, except for the sounds of knuckles knocking against bones. The area you will fight in all forest and trees. Nothing special and space is definitely not limited. You won't get a cramped feeling. :) Though, the enemies here tend to be tougher and meaner than the previous ones. This time around the MSF Soldiers are accompanied by their two faithful dogs, which can really knock the wind the wind outta ya. They hurt you by jumping on you and knocking you down at the same time. Pretty deadly no? And to think that they would be ripping us to shreads is just taking away the point. Well, the MSF soldiers this time are much tougher, as if they had a chance to renovate their skills a bit. To ease the battle, whip up the rabied dogs before moving on to the soldiers. Low attacks are the only last line of defense against these beasts of a dog. Once they are out and skipping about, gut the MSFs with some power o yours. Namely, high and jump attacks. They all work wonders against these guys. INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: Just whack 'em dead with variations of the jump attacks and deadly combos would sure do some good to discipline them. Volt: Make them feel your wrath with the weak version of the jump attack, which is when Volt does a full-body slam on the enemy(s). His strong high attacks are also good to use against them. Kou: Just whack 'em dead with variations of the jump attacks and deadly combos would sure do some good to discipline them. [Scene: After the battle] The demented character that goes by the name of Mugetsu makes his appearance. With one glance of an eye, Mugetsu mocks Sion of his loss of Dominique. Sion responds with rage that he will get her back. Laughing, Mugetsu puts on his red shades of doom! "You'll never get her Back!!!" were the last words he spits out before the battle begins...wipes spit with cloth --Mikado Building Rooftop-- Enemies: Mugetsu, MSF Soldiers x4 Level Description: Essentially the same arena from the last battle. Want to know more about it; then read the excerpt from the battle preceding this one. Mugetsu isn't hard unless he focuses all his attention on you. Just make sure he is distracted by your buddies before kneeing and punching him in the gut. It's a cheap way to win, but it works. Pay no mind to his henchmen if you're not in the mood to fight them. You just need to kill Mugetsu to complete this battle. Just remember to keep at knocking him down before he has the chance to even get a glimpse of what's going on. INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: The good ol' Torpedo Kick should be your life's savior. Don't forget those trusty combos and jump attacks. Volt: Sholder Uppercut him and knock him dead with combos and life-threatenin punches in the face. Kou: Essentially, the battle tactics here are akin to those used in the fight with Echidna. With that said, just use Kou's Heel Smash to catch him off guard and let him have it with combos and strong taps of the jump attacks. [Scene: Mugetsu's defeat] "I'm not going to lose anyone else...ever again!" Well said Sion. With that notion slapped down, Sion and the rest of the gang, make their way to the dome. As they walk towards the massive structure, Volt eyes the contour of it and concludes that it is impossible to get inside without falling into the firy pits of hell. Ignoring them, Sion finds an alternate way to get in, and his searching eyes fall on a large tree whose branches are just long enough to reach the skylight of the dome. Paying no heed to his teammate's words, Sion quickly starts climbing the tree and hopping the branches with ease. At the top, he peers into the dome and hears some mellow music being played on the piano. He listens as though he recognizes it. The screen pans into a woman inside the dome playing on the piano. She seems to be struggling to get some notes right, and after a few unsuccessful attempts, she quits, frustrated. She leaves her spot on the seat and transforms into that black panther previously seen at Central Square. The panther walks slickly down the stairs and the camera pans to what seems to be the successor of Master Mikado, Dauragon Mikado. Master Wong is standing next to him. Dominique is unconscious on the alter. Dauragon commands Master Wong to transfer Dominique to the Galeos so everything goes according to plan. But Wong protests and proceeds to list a million reasons why Dauragon shouldn't undertake the plan. Dauragon arguably assures him that everything will be all right. Wong defies his orders. Dauragon cooly threatens him to use brute force to stop him. Of course, Wong takes up the challenge and positions himself in his fighting stance. With a blink of an eye, Dauragon's blitz-like movement aids him in his blow to Wong's stomach. Without knowing what has happened, Wong lies on the ground in agony. Dauragon makes short work of him, just as Sion comes barging in. Sion watches as Wong dies before his eyes with these last words, "Only you can stop him now, Sion." So it seems that both Sion and Dauragon were disciples studying under Master Wong. Sion learns the shocking truth that Dauragon is Dominique's brother. Sion, at first, thinks that he is full of it and challenges him to a dual. ############ ## DAURAGON ## ############ Enemies: Black Panther Surroundings: You are inside a massive dome, so space is ample. That's pretty good, considering you will need it. There are stairs to the north, and a lil' corner you should avoid. He should be easy if you've developed your skills a good deal. INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER STRATEGIES Sion: The good ol' Torpedo Kick should be your life's savior. Don't forget those trusty combos and jump attacks. Volt: Sholder Uppercut him and knock him dead with combos and life-threatenin punches in the face. Kou: Essentially, the battle tactics here are akin to those used in the fight with Echidna. With that said, just use Kou's Heel Smash to catch him off guard and let him have it with combos and strong taps of the jump attacks. _____________________________________________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\\ 04. Miscellaneous \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -+||||Secrets||||+- COSTUMES Didja know that there are extra costumes that are accessible only on any mode other than Story mode? Well now you do. On the character selection screen, press one of the buttons: L1, L2, R1, and R2 to change the costumes. However, pressing R1 will allow the character to keep the default costume. The other buttons will open up that character's wardrobe. You will know this When the background changes color. UNLOCKING SECRET CHARACTERS Unfortunately, these characters can only be used in any mode other than Story mode, which cuts the options down to Versus and Survival Mode. While still cool, it's not necessary to beat the game (that was redundant to say). Anyway, this is just one of the many things to unlock in the game. Wong LEUNG To unlock this old geezer of a guy, use any character other than Sion to defeat the second to the last boss, Kaldea. Then have Sion beat the living daylights out of Dauragon in the last battle. If all goes well, you should have a flashback of Wong in the ending sequences. MSF Kou If you remember, during the infiltration of Mikado building, Kou had to dress up as a MSF Soldier to avoid any unwanted attention. Anyway, you can use this costume in Versus and Survival mode once you unlock it. To unlock it, play through the game as Kou and while he is partolling as the MSF soldier, save the game in this costume. And with the same save file, you can use MSF Kou in the versus modes! Yeehaw! To use the costume, press all the costume buttons simultaneously (L1, L2, R1, R2) Leann CALDWELL To unlock this blonde (or something?), play through one game as Kou all the way through the end. During ending sequences, Kou will have to battle Leann at Central Square. Defeat her to unlock her in Versus mode. Simple as pie? Daurgon MIKADO To unlock him _without_ that heavy-looking trenchcoat he's wearing, you must beat story mode THREE times using any character. Black-Hooded SION (source: IGN.com) A black-hooded Sion is not another Sion, but rather a costume Sion can wear in Versus mode or something. To unlock this special costume, just complete Survival Mode once with Sion and it should be available to you afterwards. To use the costume, press all the costume buttons simultaneously (L1, L2, R1, R2). -+||||Load Time Dialogues||||+- Sion Barzahd ------------- 13 years ago... Wong: Why do you follow me? Sion: Will I ever be...as strong as you? Wong: That is up to you. Sion: Hey, will you teach me? Wong: It is my policy not to take any disciples. It is late...Go home. Sion: I...don't have a home... 11 years ago... Sion: <huff> <huff> Wong: Giving up already? Sion: N-No...! I'm just hungry! Can't fight on an empty stomach! Wong: Hmph...you are persistent...I'll give you that. Sion: Wh-What do I do...next? Wong: Jump off this cliff. Sion: A-All right... Wong: Whoa, whoa...I'm kidding! Come...It is time for dinner. 9 years ago... Girl: What're you doing? Sion: Can't you tell? I'm training! Girl: Looks like a lot of fun. Sion: No one's stopping you from doing it. Girl: I get sick real easily, so... Sion: ...What's your name? Girl: Kaldea. 5 years ago... Sion: I finally made my master use one of his hands! Kaldea: Wow! You finally did it! Sion: Yeah, but the geezer said it'd take me a life time to make him use both of his hands. Kaldea: You two really do get along, don't you? Sion: Kaldea, your parents are always kind and caring to you, too. Kaldea: I've never been scolded my whole life. I don't know if you'd call that caring... 3 years ago... Kaldea: What is it? Sion: Master Wong...hasn't come home... Kaldea: What...? Sion: He said something weird a while ago...but I didn't expect him to disappear so suddenly... Kaldea: Have you notified the police? He could have been involved in some accident... Sion: No accident could kill him! Even if someone tried to murder him...that old man wouldn't die...! 2 years ago... Sion: Here, congratulations. Kaldea: Are you sure? Sion: Of course! You got that job at Mikado, right? Kaldea: But...Can you afford this...? Sion: Don't worry. Kaldea: Thank you. I'll treasure it. Sion: OK, but don't go locking it away in some box. It's a pendant. You're supposed to wear it. 2 years ago... Sion: What do you mean an accident?! Father: There was an...accident at Mikado and... Sion: And...what hospital is she in...? Mother: <sob> <sob> Father: She...didn't make it... Sion: Huh...? Father: It was a...massive explosion... Sion: You're lying... Father: S-Sion! Sion: THAT'S A LIE! 2 years ago... Sion: (Kaldea...) Man: Hey, watch it! Sion: (...) Man: Who the hell do you think you are, running into me like that without an apology?! What's with the pathetic look on your face? What, did your girlfriend dump you? Sion: Err...raaaaah!! 1 year ago... Sion: ... Man: Hey...Noticed you were looking at me, you got a problem with me or something? Sion: C'mon... Man: What?! Sion: Why don't you go ahead and kill me... Man: What are you on?! Sion: That is...if you think you got what it takes... Man: You're asking for it, you little...!! 1 year ago... Sion: Someone! Anyone! Come and kill me! Sion: Anyone?! You can use a gun if you have to! Young Man: Uh...umm... Sion: You're going to be the one to kill me? Young Man: I think I know a man...who could get the job done... Sion: Who is he? Young Man: A man who works at a bar called FATE. 1 year ago... Customer: Ah-aaahhh! Boss: Hey, hey, you're scaring my customers. Why don't you take it someplace else? Volt: I think that's my job, boss. Sion: Those piercings make you look like a demon straight outta hell, You think you got what it takes to get me there? 1 year ago... Sion: I'm...not dead...yet... Volt: Not bad...for a little kid... Boss: What do you think about working for me, boy? Sion: What...? Boss: He works for me as a bouncer. It's your choice. No one's going to stop you from leaving if you want to... Sion: All right, I'll do it...But only until I can beat him...! Comments: Although, the details are vague, you can plainly tell that he was one of those trouble kids who have no home. And if you've read it, Kaldea was his girlfriend, and after she had died from the explosion, he became very suicidal. He would encourage anyone around him to kill him, until he met a guy who directed him to the bar, FATE. There, he met Volt and decided to that he should start over as a bouncer. Volt Krueger ------------- 5 years ago... Boy A: Dammit! We've been had! Boy B: I told you we shouldn't have pushed it while he was away! Boy A: D-Damn...! A Voice: You're right about that. Boy B: V-Volt!! 5 years ago... Man: Guh...hua! Volt: Giving up already? Mob Boss: Impressive! Most Impressive! Volt: ! Mob Boss: You just tore up one of my best men like a dog on a rag doll. How 'bout you pull a job for me? Volt: Why should I...? Mob Boss: I need someone erased... In exchange for your services, I'll keep my hands off your turf... Volt: ... 5 years ago... Agent: It's impossible...We can't stop him! A Voice: Cease your attacks. He's far more than any of us can handle! Agent: M-Master Mikado! Mikado: It appears he has some business to settle with me. Agent: Stay in the car, sir! It's too dangerous out here! Mikado: It won't make a difference whether I'm in the car or not. Volt: You...aren't afraid? 5 years ago... Mikado: Have you ever thought about working for me? Volt: I've come here to kill you. Mikado: And thanks to that, I was able to meet you. Don't worry. I'll have a word with that "organization". Volt: Who are you...? 5 years ago... Woman: So...you're the new rookie? Volt: You're an agent as well? Woman: The name's Aena Paula. Codename: Echidna. Volt: Who would've thought they'd make a woman an agent. Echidna: Hey, don't underestimate me. You know as well as I do that you've gotta be damn good to work as a security agent here. 4 year ago... Volt: Echidna, get Master Mikado to safety! Echidna: What about you, Volt? Volt: I can handle this myself just fine. Echidna: Are you crazy?! You're going to get slaughtered! Mikado: Let's trust Volt. Volt: Get going, Echidna! Echidna: <tch>...! 3 years ago... Echidna: I challenge you... Volt: What..? Echidna: I've always wanted to go up against you. Volt: Unfortunately, I'm on duty protecting Master Mikado. And it's against my principles to raise my hand against a woman. Echidna: ...! A Voice: I see that man is an eyesore to you... Echidna: Huh...? 3 years ago... Volt: (Master Mikado...Forgive Me...! I should not have taken my eyes off you...) Echidna: You seem to be in in agony, Volt. Volt: Echidna! You were with Master Mikado! How could you let him...! Echidna: It couldn't be helped. I'm much weaker than you, I couldn't protect him... Volt: Why you...! 3 years ago... Volt: What're you trying to say, Echidna? Echidna: Now I'll be the one to move ahead...Once I deal with you, the one who conspired in the death of Master Mikado! Volt: What?! Echidna: FIRE! Volt: Echidnaaaa! 3 years ago... Man: Looks like you've come to. Volt: Where am I...? Man: I found you out on the shore. Volt: Why am I here..? Man: I assume you wouldn't want the cops or docs involved. Volt: ... Man: I did a lot of crazy things when I was your age, too. 2 years ago... Man: You got a place to go? Volt: I don't want to trouble you anymore than I have. Man: You interested in a job at my bar? It sure would be help if I had a bouncer like you. Volt: A bouncer, eh...? 2 years ago... Volt: Well, if it's okay with you...I wouldn't mind working as a bouncer. Boss: But the gunshot wound on your forehead's gonna attract some unwanted attention. How 'bout we cover it up with some body piercings? But the only thing that would work on that spot would be some horns. Volt: Horns, eh...? That might actually be appropriate. Comments: So it seems that Volt had been part of the Mikado group after all. But he left on the account of a turncoat. That probably explains his two horns. And to think those were actually real. The facial piercings and the horns to add a sordid demeanor to his appearance. Kou Leifoh ----------- 17 years ago... Teacher: Your boy is a genius. Not only scholastically: he is also musically and artistically very talented. Mother: Indeed. I want him to bring honor to the Hurst family name. Kou: I'd like to learn martial arts, too. Mother: Absolutely not! What if something happens to you! 13 years ago... Kou: Mother, I have a favor to ask you...I really want to learn Tae Kwon Do. Mother: No son of mine will learn martial arts! How many times must I tell you?! Kou: Then I will leave this house! I believe in order to be a proper heir to the Hurst family, one must be strong, as well! Mother: ...! 11 years ago... Grandmaster: It is amazing. I never expected someone your age to be able to go hand-to-hand with me. If I had my way, I would have you inherit this dojo. Kou: Really?! Grandmaster: But that is not possible. You are the heir of the Hurst family. Kou: ... 9 years ago... Mother: You earned a doctorate at such a young age. I'm so proud of you. You are indeed a Hurst... Kou: I'm sorry, but...as of today, I renounce that name. I appreciate my birth into the Hurst family and I do appreciate the education you have provided me. However, I've learned something more important from Tae Kwon Do. Mother: Wh-What are you saying?! Kou: From now on, I will live on with my master's name: Leifoh. 4 years ago... Sr. Officer: So you are the elite they've been harping about. Kou: I'm not elite. I'm just here to do a job that's worth risking my life over. Sr. Officer: Heh...You passed. According to our reports, it appears you are from the Hurst family. Depending on your reaction, I was going to disqualify you. 3 years ago... Sr. Officer: Allow me to introduce your partner for the next mission. Kou: A...woman? Woman: I've got a name and it's Leann Caldwell. Sr. Officer: Her survival abilities may be higher than yours. Kou: ... Leann: Is there something on my face? 3 years ago... Leann: I screwed up. I didn't expect them to have so many on reserve... Kou: You can make it out of here alone, right? Leann: Alone...? What're you going to do? Kou: I'll draw their attention. Leann: That's suicide! Kou: Just trust me. And if we make it out of here alive, you owe me a drink. Leann: ...I'll think about it. 3 years ago... Kou: Hey! Heard you were promoted! Congratulations! Leann: I told the high-command that it was all because of you... Kou: No, it was because of your talent. Oh yeah, by the way, you still remember the promise we made? Leann: Huh? Kou: You owe me a drink. 1 year ago... Leann: Did you call for me, sir? Sr. Officer: Here...I knew Mikado's solar energy plan sounded fishy. Leann: And there's also information about surgical enhancements in here... Sr. Officer: This mission's going to be our toughest yet... Leann: Rest assured, I'm confident he will be able to pull it off. 6 months ago... Kou: A full-body tatto? What the hell kind of mission is this? I'm supposed to watch over the girl, right? Leann: That's not all. It's also your job to prevent her from falling into the hands of the Mikado Group. Kou: You mean that mega-corporation?! Leann: If all else fails, you job is to eliminate her... 6 months ago... Boss: You're an unfamiliar face. Kou: Yeah, just moved into town...hoping to find a job. Boss: This place used to be pretty busy thanks to Mikado, but lately they haven't been outsourcing much of their work. Kou: ...We've hit some bad times. Drinking seems to help the time pass, though... 3 months ago... Man: Agh...! Boss: Not bad at all for someone like you. Dominique: Boss, why don't you hire Kou as a bouncer too? Boss: Hey, hey, you know how expensive it is for me just to keep two bouncers. Dominique: I'll help clean the bar! Boss: Ahhh, fine, fine...It's only because you insist on it, Dominique... Kou: I admire your good taste, princess! Comments: Apparently, Kou is not an actual bouncer, but rather an undercover agent, whose mission is to "protect" Dominique. The full-body tattoo was necessary to avoid any suspicion of his real identity. That would probably explain his so-called "back-up". _____________________________________________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\\ 05. Mini-Review \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Bleah. I don't like going through the pain of writing a full-blown review, so I like to keep them simple and clean. =) So, it's The Bouncer, eh? Oh, right. That game made by the famous boys from Square(soft). Well, if it's a Square title, then it's gotta be a hit right? Wrong! Although, not the worst game of video game history, it surely lacks many "Beat 'em up" game elements. Sure, it's your typical Beat 'em up, but is this what you really call a game?? AH! The story, first of all, how many people do you know lead a life on the fast- lane? Really now. Yeah, it's a fictional storyline and all, but I think games should now focus on more natural plots. Something that some people can relate to. It may sound corny, but it would make so many games a lot better than they would have been. Anyway, the Bouncer's story is a bit "segmented", in which I mean the story telling is a bit confusing. In one scene, it'd jump from one focus to another later on, so it's quite hard for the player to follow. It requires a lot of contemplation about what you just saw to digest. In between loading times, there would be some dialogue with that character's past(did that sound awkward? I meant there would be dialogue from the past.). However, you must be a fast reader because most of the time the game will begin before you can finish. Actually, come to think of it, the story wasn't all that bad, but it's commonplace in the video game world. It's a bore, but credible. The music is neither good nor bad (and dare I say, mediocre). I really have to commend their efforts on the voice acting (this only applies to the Japanese voice overs). I love it. The sound effects are great too. From the heavy footsteps, the punching and kicking (POW!), shattering glass, to the barking dogs. I say it's a-ok! =D I really hated the controls. I surely wasn't having any fun mashing buttons trying to do something right. I didn't enjoy the game play elements any better either. I think this game was too overhyped for its own good. Let's all go back to sleep until we find a game that's worth our time. Bottom line: This is definitely a game not worth buying, but more like a renting type game. Not because it totally sucks, but because it's too short. It's very much shorter than ZOE (Oh my lord, then it really must be short!). But it's a good game to have some experience with, especially if you like movies. Game Play- 2/10 Sound/Music- 5/10 Story- 6/10 Graphics- 9/10 Overall Value- 6/10 -AdrenalineSL This review has been brought to you by M3 productions. No farm animals were hurt during the process of typing this. _____________________________________________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\\ 06. Contact Information \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Find out how to e-mail me and get a reply. My replies have gotten limited for the past couple of weeks. So find out how to get on my good side, and you MAY get a reply back. -+||||Simple E-mail Policy||||+- If you have any further questions concerning the game, or as to why stealing is bad contact me via e-mail. I will accept any type of mail including criticism, add-ons, corrections, tips, suggestions, weird comments, etc. I will NOT accept threats of any kind and never, never send any perverted comments you perverts! And as always, you will be credited for your delightful opinions and such. Please subject your mail so I know what the deal is. If not, it will be DELETED. Also please use proper English with correct grammar and such. It annoys me when people tYpE lIkE dIs. That's a no-no. If your English is just horrible and I can't understand a thing you said, then it'll have to be deleted sorry. If you have AIM, feel free to drop me a line if I happen to be online. I also have ICQ, but I rarely use it. If, however, you have e-mailed me and you have NOT gotten a reply for a few days now and you don't know what the hell you did wrong, there may be several logical reasons for this. It will most likely be one of the reasons listed below. 1. Your e-mail was probably ignored due to the irrelevant content and/or ambiguity. In other words, be more specific. Don't give vague information (ex: "How do I get the thingie on the wall?") That's a big no-no. Use this outline: -Name of the game -Site you found this FAQ on -Blah blah <insert question here> -Add a thanks 2. If you've asked a question that has already been covered in the guide, but you are too damn lazy to look. Your e-mail has most likely been ignored. 3. I'm probably not able to get online and check my mail for the following reasons: 1.) My computer is broken 2.) I have been grounded 3.) I don't feel like it. 4. You've sent an e-mail in another language. It's annoying. I've gotten quite a few of those. 5. You've probably asked a question for an entirely different game that I've never heard the likes of, or have never written a FAQ for. How on earth did you get me e-mail address anyway?! 6. You have probably been rude. Actually, if you were extremely rude, I would probably reply to your e-mail swearing you off the planet. Not really, but it depends. 7. I have a social life too. Please be patient. Thank you very much! ^_^ But, however, you have not recieved a reply back for weeks and weeks to come, and it did not land on anything listed above, then send the e-mail again (provided it was a question not answered in the guide.). I probably did not recieve it. -+||||Contact Clients||||+- GameFAQs board: Adrenaline E-mail address: MSN Messanger: See above New Instant Messaging Rule --------------------------- This is getting ridiculous. I am constantly being IMed, but that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is that certain ignorant people (quite a large number at that) keep IMing me for no apparent reason and end up asking me how the hell I got on their buddy list. This is getting stupid. If you're going to add me to your list, please note this so it would save you and me the trouble of clearing up this misunderstanding. Don't mistaken me for someone else. The AIM, MSN Messanger, and ICQ names have all been created for the sole purpose of welcoming readers of my FAQs. There is no possible way you could have gotten this anywhere else. -+||||To Webmasters||||+- I don't think some webmasters even bother to read this, but anyway, read it well before e-mailing me. I also have a new rule: if you decide to take any future FAQs (old or new), please let me know beforehand! It's not plausible to assume that you can take all my FAQs just because I've given you permission to use _one_ of my FAQs. So now, please ask me before taking _any_ of my FAQs. Period. Let my usual paragraphs continue...=P I've already received some e-mails from webmasters asking for permission to use my FAQs on their site. I will allow this, so long you ask me (politely) and give the URL of your website. Your website must be "real." By this, I mean you get over 50 hits per day and you own a .com, .net, .org or whatever domain. Keep the URL simple, so it'd be easier to remember. If I'm happy with it, then you are granted the permission to use my FAQ, but don't assume, I will notify you through e-mail. Anything from this FAQ and the FAQ itself MUST be fully credited to me! If not, otherwise, I will be forced to take legal action. This guide may not be stolen under penalty of ...uh...death, or something. The FAQ must remain updated! I also ask that if I ever e-mail you requesting that you remove my FAQ, you will comply with my request. The only site that has the privilege of not having to ask me for permission is GameFAQs.com. Thanks for your attention. _____________________________________________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\\ 07. Legal Stuff \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ This document is (c) 2001 AdrenalineSL All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and in part in any form. Playstation 2 and Playstation 2 logos are registered trademarks of Sony, Inc. The Bouncer is registered trademark of Squaresoft and Dream Factory. You may download the file through a web browser onto a single computer for your personal, non-commercial use only. 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The Bouncer, Playstation2, Sony and all related characters are all owned by their respective companies. The author makes no claims to the creation of these. If you have any errors or inaccuracies to report, contact the author. -+||||FAQ Holders||||+- You can find my FAQs on the following sites... http://www.gamefaqs.com http://www.neoseeker.com http://www.psxcodez.com http://www.cheatcc.com _____________________________________________________________________________ \\\\\\\\\\ 08. Outro \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -+||||Acknowledgements||||+- Many, many thanks to Stephanie Lee, better known as AdrenalineSL, for typing this thing. "It has kinda become a hobby," she says. =) Expect more FAQs to come from this ultra-cool babe of a FAQ writer. Heh. ^_^ Thanks a bunch plus a bag of chips. Thanks to Kenny for letting me borrow this game. ^_^ Take care of ZOE! I want it back greasy fingerprint-free. Thanks to Squaresoft for making a mediocre game. A valiant effort, but not as good as it had been expected to be. Thanks to the instruction booklet for info. on Game Basics. It was not copied word for word, but it gave me the basic idea. Thanks to ATadeo for helping me get my FAQs onto GameFAQs. He is such a sweet pea. ^_ He makes good FAQs such as his kick ass Chrono Cross FAQ. Go read it now if you haven't! Thanks to CJayC for accepting and hosting my FAQs and for maintaining one of the best websites on the net! Down with GameFAQs.com ripoffs! Bah ha! Thanks to the other webmasters who have been so kind to also host my FAQs on their sites. Although, they've continued to take my newer FAQs without asking me! And last, but not least, mom. Thanks for everything you've done for me. I'll find my own job soon enough! Until then, please keep buying me the games. =D -+||||Final Words||||+- Whew! Finally done with this sucka. I don't know the validity of this FAQ, but I hope to god that this FAQ helped at least someone out there. If there's anything you feel that this guide lacks, please drop me a line. I won't yell at you. Just keep it polite and good-willed. I would love to hear all sorts of feedback on this guide. It'd help me improve as a writer and make this FAQ possibly the best on the net </bigheaded remark>. If you would like me to write a FAQ for a specific game, please e-mail me and tell me about it. If I get enough requests for the same game, I will definitely go out of my way to get a hold of a copy of that game and do a FAQ. =) But of course, I'd have to first take it into consideration. ;) Let me say that I really appreciate those of you who have read, helped or simply respected this FAQ. Any FAQ author can share an equal amount of satisfaction with me, as I worked very hard on this and I still do. If you have any questions or information that I've missed please don't be shy about e-mailing me. ^_ I don't bite. It goes without saying, but only FAQ or game related questions or requesting permission to use this FAQ, please! Only relevant tidbits! If you want to hold a friendly discussion with me, feel free to do so. You can contact me via any of the contact clients: AIM, AOL, ICQ, MSN, whatever, or the traditional e-mail way. I'd love to talk, just don't act like a 3 year old. And remember, any RUDE comments will get your name on my hitlist. I will take your e-mail address and sign you up for an infinite number of annoying junk mail! In addition to you being such a jerk, I will add you to the "Butt- munching, idiotic, perverted, who-can't-get-none but harrass-little-girls losers" list if I ever make one. Aside from that, I would love to hear from you! EnJoy! ============================================================================= MUCHO GRACIAS!!! ============================================================================= /^ ^^ /// / // ^ ^ /O%G%/t( ///// O(@@ 6@e /RG(t////t%K^/ //^/ DeFtones @#(((^ ^//6K%^^^^ R@G%/ //(CK@ @@B6((/ ^^^/t%@ @@R6((((/%/(/CO@ / @@GC%GtC/((tte@@^ /@QGCCtCCt%tCCQQR@@/^^/ RBC%tCCGGC/GCeR@@@///// (#O((%%CGG#KKR@BB@et/// et(/tt(K@@#K#eGGOQet//// C/(((OB#OGC%6eGGKGGC(/// ^^ % /(OKeC%tCC6C6666OG%// / / ^(t/%G6(tC%(%tC%%C6%%/////// ^ ^%/(%KCC(((%((/(/(// //^//// C/%R@(t(/^ ^^ / / /// ^/^(t#@(((/^ !AdrenALiNe! ^%%@@(//^ ^ ^//^// / /(//////// ^ / / R%G^CGt/^ ^ // ////// / ^^^///////G/ / ///^ /// ^//^/// / / /^ / ^//// /// _Adrenaline_ Deftones 1995 ------------------------------------ The Unofficial Bouncer Strategy Guide Copyright © 2001 Stephanie Lee April 2001

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